Best Aquarium Heaters: Fluval E VS. Cobalt Aquatics heater

Keeping an aquarium is a unique challenge and requires lots of research in comparison to owning a cat or a dog. There are some certain things you need to think about when deciding to keep an aquarium. One of these things is hoe to maintain consistent water temperature in your aquarium?

This is when the heater comes in the handle. In order to narrow your choice and help you get the best aquarium heaters, this post is going for detail of two heaters: Fluval E Electronic Heater VS. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater.

#1 Capability and Power

People often use the best aquarium thermometers combine with a heater. The heater capability will determine the ability of heating and maintaining the desired temperature in your aquarium. In the general rule, you will need 3-5 watts for a gallon of water. Make sure that you do not choose the heater with too much or too low power for your tank.

Fluval E is available at some different wattage: 50,100,200 and 300 watts. You can choose the appreciated device for your tank. It can accommodate temperature within the range of 68F to 93F.

While the Cobalt heater is available at 25,50,75,150,200 and 300 watts. And the temperature range is from 66F to 96F.

#2 High accuracy temperature

Fluval F allows the user to set the temperature accuracy in 0,5F degrees. It uses the microprocessor with the dual sensors and shows the temperature in real-time in the LCD display. It also comes with the alert system, which will warn you if the temperature rises up or go down for +/-2F from the temperature range that you set before.

Cobalt also has the ability to maintain water temperature within 0,5F. The display will show both the current temperature and temperature range that you set.

#3 Safety Features

The safety features are what should be contained in the heater, you will want to know if the heater is perfectly doing its job or not. The safety features will allow you not need to constantly monitor the heater or keep an eye on it all day.

Fluval E comes with safety shut off functions, which will automatically turn the heat off when the water level gets too low and alarm you if the water flow is to low.

Cobalt heater has integrated thermal protection, which will turn the heater off if the temperature goes out of the safety levels. Beside, Cobalt heater is also completely submersible and shatterproof.

What Are The Common Types Of Filter For Fish Tank?

In order to take care of fish and ensure them live a healthy happy life, you have to feed them and clean up the mess that they left behind include their waste, leftover food, algae and dirt built up in the fish tank.

But you cannot completely clean the tank without a best filter for fish tank. Choosing the right fish tank filter can be difficult if you do not understand anything about the different types of them, what are the features of each type, their advantages and disadvantages.

So in this post, you will learn all you need to know about types of best fish tank filters that most common and available on the market:

Canister filters

The canister filter provides on all fronts of functions: mechanical, chemical and biological. Canister filter is kept at the outside of the tank make it easier when cleaning but there is also a problem if you do not have space outside since Canister filter is much larger than other filters.

This type of filter is one of the most effective and powerful devices in comparison with the other types.

However, great power and flexibility also come with lots of complications when install and maintain. It is also quite expensive.

Hang on back filter (HOB)

This type of filer is very common due to its reasonable price. As the name suggests, HOB filter usually hangs on the back of the tank. They are external but less bulky than Canister filters so it does not tank you much space to set up. It also does not tank the space inside where your fish live.

There is the down point that this HOB filter might be the poor chemical filtration and less efficient than other devices.

Sponge filter

This type of filter is mechanical and biological filter. Air pumps or power heads can power it. Sponge filter very effective will the small tank. It does not produce strong current and safe for your fish.

But the drawback is that you have to replace or clean the sponge to remove the bacteria. It is not difficult tank to clean but you need to do this work regularly.

Wet/dry filter

It is known as the best biological filtration. If you are keeping a large tank or a saltwater fish tank, this filter is absolutely suitable for your tank.

It increases the amount of beneficial bacteria and effective to waste treatment.  But it is not easy to install and take more cost to setup this filter

What are the different types of the best chicken feed? 

Whether you are the owner of a poultry farm or you are just a beginner in this business, it is not an easy task to know about the meaning of the different varieties of chicken feed.

If your chickens are eating the best chicken feed, they will be healthy and lay lots of eggs. Otherwise, eating the wrong feed has a big effect on their health and the quality of the eggs.

This article will show you some basic information in order to help you find out the perfect feed for your flock.

 #1 Mash

Basically, the mash can know as a loose and unprocessed feed. By its texture, the mask is usually used for chicks because it is easy to digest, however, adult chickens can eat mash as well. The down point is that using these types of chicken fees can lead to an increase in incidental waste.

#2 Pellets

Pallets are the most common types of chicken feed on the marketplace because of some reasons: they are easy to manage, store and serve. They are produced by crush up ingredients into small pieces than make them into pelletized form. They hold their shape so they easy to use and decreased waste.

Compare the prices of a common seed to compare prices between seed banks.

#3 Crumbles

Crumbles are not as compact as pallets, they are pallets that have been reducing to a smaller size. They are also not as loose as mash, so they are easier to manage than mash. But using crumbles instead of mash or pallets not make a big difference to your chicken’s health.

#4 Fermented

In order to improve the content of vitamin and enzyme in your chicken’s food, using fermented is the good ideal. You can ferment your own chicken feed by mix any type of chicken feed with water and allowed them to ferment naturally.

This method will help the feed easier to digest and also neutralizing toxicity in food as well.

Note: Whatever type of chicken feed you choose, it is ideal if you use the best chicken feeders to store chicken food. This tool will help you not to clean up many chicken feed leftovers and it also helps chickens reduce the number of diseases caused by soil-borne infections.

Features to look for the best vacuum sealer 2020

The vacuum sealer is a device that produces to preserve the freshness of your food and storage for a longer time. Nowadays, vacuum sealers not only use in commercial kitchens but also in every home kitchens.

It works by sucks all of the excess air out of the bag which stores your food. Packing food tightly will leave all of the moisture and inhibitive to the growth of microbes and mold, at the same time save your space of storage.

Base on the best vacuum sealer consumer reports, the following article is all you need to know before buying a vacuum sealer.

#1 Versatility

If you are looking for the best vacuum sealer 2020 that can use for different kinds of foods (dry and wet food), you should buy an integrated device that has a sealing mode.

The sealing mode will be chosen to reduce oxygen or moisture from the food depend on what kind of food you are storing.

#2  Manual or Automatic

Although all the vacuum sealers are designed for only one main function is seal and storage but there are exist 2 kinds of them are manual and automatic vacuum sealer.

Automatic vacuum sealers allow you to seal the bags automatically by just one press of the button.

On the other hand, some device contains a manual operation that requires you press on the top of the device to seal the bags by your hand.

Choosing types of vacuum sealers depend on your own preference.

#3 Size

Sealing size would be one of the most important features if you want to seal a large amount of food.

A bigger vacuum sealer comes with correlative bags and it can work on a heavier load, sealing a lot more food. A small one is portable, easy to handle and move away.

Buying Guide: Best Powder Measure

The reason to find the best powder measures is not only precision but also the speed factor. Reloading is an essential aspect of general activity. But it may take a long time and be physically exhausted. A well-calibrated best powder measure attachment is needed to save time and speed up recharging

Unless you’re running on small batches of pilot loads, most people choose to drop shovels and move straight to a loose powder scale. As a bonus, most of the powder measures are designed to work with a wide range of the best powder measure and to interact with gradual loading presses from the same manufacturer, so that your recharging room grows, you will not need to continue to obtain the new powder measures.

Before you move on to powder measure, there are things that you should know when making selections. There are factors to consider when looking for an excellent tool to recharge the best reloading powder measure. When you know what to look for, it will be much easier to make the right decision.

#1 Price

The cost of this accessory is the first thing you should think about before choosing one. You will find different prices on the market, and your choice depends on the size of your budget and the quality of the product. Buying an accessory offers value and is very inexpensive. But never drop a product said to be expensive because the quality is better.

#2 Accuracy

If you take the time to read powder measure gauge reviews, you will discover that accuracy is one of the things users are looking for when making selections. There is a manual and the best powder measure, but most people prefer the electric model due to the problem of accuracy and accuracy. Most of the high-quality powders come with a precise measuring chamber to provide the actual amount of powder you want to use.

#3 Speed

The powder measure reviews have the added advantage of being compatible with many powders so that you do not have to purchase new equipment. It is also compatible with many loading presses to facilitate recharging.

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