6 Secrets of Maintaining Your Carpet Like a Pro

Carpets are unique floor décors that come in different shapes, colors, and textures. But, what is common with this type of floor is coziness and class it creates in a home. To continue enjoying these two qualities, you will have to maintain it as it should be.

One thing is for sure, treat it well, and it will serve you for years while still looking good.

There are a few secrets we are about to reveal to you on how you will care for it and have it looking new as long as you will have it.

Secrets to Maintaining Your Carpet

Shsh!!! You are about to unravel carpet maintenance secrets most homeowners are ‘tightlipped’ to keep to themselves. 

Secret #1 – Doormats

Place a doormat at the doorstep before getting inside the house and another one or a rug inside the house at the door. That way, you will prevent most of the dirt landing on your carpet through people when getting in.

Add more rugs on high traffic areas of your carpet to prevent getting worn out quicker than the rest of it. As you protect your carpet, you will be adding floor décor and style to your home by having different rugs thrown here and there. Try it out, and you will like it.

Secret #2 – Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning your carpet once in a while is essential to not only leave your carpet clean but also fluffy by agitating its fiber. A fluffed up carpet reveals a well cared for carpet. Use the best carpet vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a soft brush.

Don’t be in a rush when vacuum cleaning your carpet to make sure it sucks in all dirt, dust, and debris from your carpet. Vacuum lengthwise and widthwise to ensure you have covered every area of your carpet. If you have a shag carpet, you might want to use shag carpet vacuum cleaner for best results.

Secret #3 – Rearrange Furniture

Areas under the furniture will have different color tones from open ones. Rearrange the furniture once in a while to expose the hidden parts to form uniformity of color.

You might one day need to change the seats, and you won’t want to have some parts different with bright color while others faded. While moving furniture, watch out to avoid causing ripples or some creases since they can downgrade your carpet. 

Secret #4 – Use Blinds

Use blinds or tint your windows to prevent UV rays hitting your carpet. Direct sunlight on your carpet will fade it and make it appear aged or patched.

Secret #5 – Remove Stains as They Appear

Clean the stains as quickly as they appear. In case of spills on your carpet, clean it immediately to prevent it from setting in. It will be tougher to remove a stain if you leave it to dry in the carpet.

For better results and easy cleaning, use the best carpet stain remover in the market. With an effective stain remover and a clean cloth, you will not have to scrub it but blot it out.

Secret #6 – Deep Cleaning

Too much dirt on the carpet deteriorates it by weakening its fibers. You can deep clean your carpet on your own if you have a carpet shampooer and one of the best carpet shampoos.

You will be surprised how dirty your carpet was when you watch its transformation unfolding before your eyes as you clean it. To help out your shampooer to give you better cleaning results, vacuum your carpet thoroughly before embarking on deep cleaning.

Deep clean your carpet around twice a year but, also it will depend on the kind of traffic you experience on it and how dirty it will be.


Now that you have all the carpet cleaning secrets revealed to you, strive to make them happen, and you will enjoy having your carpet looking brand new always.

Source: https://www.irvingsplumbing.com/